Discover the Affordability of Assisted Living

As families try to figure out how make sure their parent or another elderly relative gets the proper care, many shy away from the option of assisted living as they think it is too expensive.However, the opposite may be true.Assisted living can actually be less expensive than the costs of trying to cobble together the care your parent needs.
For instance, if your parent lives alone, their cost-of-living includes yearly taxes as well as a mortgage or rental payment and expenses incurred with routine maintenance and repairs.They are also responsible for utility bills that continue to rise each year while their income may not be. 
Your parent may also be paying for in-home care that cannot only be costly but may not be entirely adequate to ensure their safety 24/7.Furthermore, if the home requires modifications to accommodate their limited mobility, these changes are typically expensive.Also the modifications may result in a lower selling price once you do sell the home.
If your parent lives…

Know the Difference between Normal Aging and Alzheimer’s

As we age, many of us experience occasional memory loss.While it may be worrisome, most likely it is just a normal part of growing older.In the case of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, a common indicator of the disease is memory loss that happens so often it disrupts daily life. The Alzheimer’s Association lists 10 warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and recommends if you or a loved one has any of them, to see your health care provider.
The first sign that your or a loved one’s memory loss may be a sign of a bigger problem is constantly forgetting new information.Memory loss may include: needing to have the same information repeated over and over; forgetting important dates and events; and relying more and more on family members or memory aids to handle things.
Another way memory loss can adversely affect a person’s life is when it becomes difficult to problem solve.He or she may find it hard to do things they have done well in the past such as keeping track of monthly bil…

Congestive Heart Failure

According to the American Heart Association, heart failure, also known as congestive heart failure, is one of the most common causes of hospitalization for adults age 65 years and older.Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart does not pump blood as efficiently as it should and therefore is not able to meet the body’s blood and oxygen needs.Since the amount of blood pumped is not adequate to circulate the blood returning to the heart from the body and lung, it causes fluid (mostly water) to leak from capillary blood vessels.If left untreated, the condition can worsen.
While symptoms of the condition can vary, common signs of congestive heart failure include fatigue and weakness, a reduced ability to exercise, swelling (edema) and shortness of breath.The disease is commonly caused by coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, disorders of the heart valves, and other problems.Less common causes include viruses or thyroid disorders.
If a person already has heart disease, certain m…

Learn the Signs of a Stroke

According to the Mayo Clinic, the following is a list of the signs and symptoms you need to know if you think someone may be having a stroke.They recommend noting the time when you first notice the symptoms as it is important to know when seeking medical treatment.
The first sign is any difficulty with speaking or understanding as well as confusion.A person may slur their words or have trouble processing what is being said.Another thing to look for is any sudden numbness, weakness or paralysis in the face, arm or leg especially on one side of the body.Ask the person to try and raise both arms over their head at the same time.If one arm begins to fall, it may be a stroke.Also another indication of a stroke is if one side of the mouth is drooping when you ask the person to smile.
Other signs of a stroke can include trouble with seeing in one or both eyes and exhibiting symptoms such as blurred or blackened vision or seeing double.In addition trouble walking as well as dizziness or loss of…

Assisted Living May be More Affordable that You Think

Do you think your parent would be better off in an assisted living community but you are worried about the cost?You may be surprise to discover that assisted living can be more affordable than you think especially when you take into account a number of factors.To start with, if your parent is still living in their own home, most likely they are faced with regular maintenance and upkeep expenses in addition to taxes and a mortgage payment.Also while utility bills keep increasing each year, your parent’s income may not be.
Another expense to consider is will the home require modifications to accommodate your parent’s limited mobility?Not only can that be expensive but it may impact the value of the home when you finally do decide to sell at a later date.Furthermore, if your parent requires in-home care, good care can be expensive and may not really be adequate to ensure their safety 24/7.
Additionally lack of companionship and isolation can be a problem for seniors who live alone.Many eld…

MorningStar Offers Companion Living

In addition to MorningStar of Wheatridge offering seniors a choice of smartly-designed spacious studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans, we also allow residents to share living arrangements.Our Companion Living program is specifically designed for unrelated seniors of the same sex to share a suite.This arrangement is available to both our assisted living and memory care residents.
What are the benefits?Actually there are many reasons it may make good sense for you or a family member that is considering senior living. Since we understand that people are designed for relationships, most of us flourish when we are in one.However, the fact is that many seniors have lost their long-term life partner and are left feeling bereft and isolated.So besides offering the economic benefit of splitting the monthly rent expense in half, a roommate can help alleviate many of these feelings.
In addition to providing a companion, a roommate can make the transition period for a new in-coming resid…

Seniors Enjoy the Advantages of Senior Living Communities

As it turns out, many seniors are quite happy with their decision to move into an independent senior living or assisted living community.In part, that may be due to the fact that typically today’s senior communities are loaded with numerous amenities and activities.As a resident, you are provided with a lifestyle of comfort and community as well as a sense of safety and security.
When seniors move out of their family home into a senior community, they find themselves freed from lots of responsibilities.Owning a home requires routine care and maintenance such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow, pulling weeds, and other housekeeping chores.
Furthermore, seniors often live alone and experience feelings of loneliness and isolation.Also as people age, many are reluctant to drive, which means they end up spending a lot of time at home by themselves.This is something that is not a problem in senior living communities.While activities are optional, there is generally something of interest for ever…